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Gratia Counseling & Consulting provides premium therapy
and consultation services in the Andover, MN area.


Gratia Counseling & Consulting strives to work with individuals
from a place of acceptance and worthiness to support their growth
in self-compassion, non-judgment, and living wholeheartedly.

Hi, I’m Brooke Fleming

licensed marriage and family therapist

Welcome. Seeking therapy is a courageous choice, and one that many people find useful at some point in their lives. No matter how long you have been struggling, it is possible to feel better and get back to yourself. You don’t have to stay stuck in overwhelming sadness or worry. There is always hope. We all experience times when we need support with coping and developing skills. No one is immune to struggle but you don’t have to go it alone.

Brooke Fleming Licensed Family Therapist

Therapy Services

Individual therapy

Couples therapy

Family therapy

group therapy

If you are struggling, therapy may help.
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Brooke Fleming Licensed Family Therapist

Areas of Specialization

• Perinatal and postpartum mood disorders (PMADs)
• Difficulty in becoming parents
• Infertility, pregnancy and infant loss
• Christian counseling for those that desire to use their faith in therapy
• Anxiety and depression, low self-esteem
• Perfectionism
• Grief and loss
• Unrealistic expectations
• Relationship challenges
• Communication difficulties
• Medical challenges


At Gratia you don’t have to struggle alone; premium therapy services are offered. Fulfillment can be found with the right help. Gratia offers caring, skilled, and compassionate services.

“Brooke is amazing and has helped me through some of the darkest days! She has given me the tools I need to heal. She is genuine, understanding and withholds the ability to know when to be gentle and know when to be firm! That in itself is a gift! As a bereaved mom, medical mom and many other hats, I strongly recommend Brooke!” —D

“When I didn’t believe in myself, Brooke was able to believe in me. She held onto hope when I couldn’t. She walked me through so many challenges related to my pregnancy and postpartum experience. My courage as a mom has been able to support me through many seasons. I’m grateful for her patience and kindness.”—K

“Brooke’s warmth, humor, and authenticity shine through in each session. Her presence allowed me emotional safety to work through some of my biggest challenges. If you’re looking to work with someone who allows you space to be yourself, Brooke is that person.”—L
“The wisdom you find in Brooke is comforting and real. She has been able to guide me to a place of believing in myself again.”—B
“If you work with Brooke, she will work hard with you. She will also play hard and laugh with you. She brings a balance to honor the hard things but also not allow you to take yourself too seriously.” —H