Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during therapy?

Your first session will be focused on getting a good understanding of why your seeking services, current concerns and dynamics, as well as some historical information. Together we will work to identify what your goals for therapy are. We will discuss current and past coping strategies. Once we get some of these basic but important details out of the way the magic of therapy really starts to begin – usually between the second to fourth session.

Therapy will focus on symptoms, their origins, and management of. Services will be about giving you space to iron out patterns that are no longer of service to you.

How long does the therapy process take?

The length of time in therapy is based on the individual, as well as the presenting needs and concerns. Brooke will openly discuss frequency and time of sessions with you. She will prioritize this to fit your needs and goals.

What is ART?

Accelerated Resolution Therapy, or ART, is a form of psychotherapy used to reduce the effect of trauma, panic, grief, anxiety, relationship issues, and many other areas of concern. It uses bilateral stimulation, eye movements or theratappers, to support image rescripting and symptom reduction. It is highly effective and can be a more rapid form of therapy.

What are the rates at Gratia Counseling?

Initial Session (90791) – $200

Individual sessions 38-52 minutes (90834) – $150

Individual session 53+ (90837) – $175

Interactive Complexity add on (90785) – $25 (used for ART or family check-ins)

Family Therapy (90847) – $175

How do I know I should reach out for therapy?

There are many stigmas about mental health. Therapy is not for the weak or broken. In fact, it takes a great deal of strength and courage to ask for help and then do therapeutic work. If you are feeling symptoms, thoughts, or relational patterns interfering with joy and contentment it is time to ask for support. You don’t need to suffer alone and life is too short to stay stuck. A mental health professional can help you with valuable tools, resources, and skills.

How does therapy help versus talking to a friend?

While having informal supports is important mental health professionals have different skills to offer. A licensed professional can provide a safe, confidential environment. Conversations can be structured with the focus on new skills, developing different patterns, and unbiased support. Therapy is nonjudgmental listening and collaboration.

Does Bowen have to be a part of the sessions?

Absolutely not. He is 100% optional. If you are not comfortable with him being present he does not come to the office on that day. This is an additive but not a requirement. Your comfort is the priority!

What is the cancellation policy?

24 hour notice is asked to cancel your appointments. Protecting the integrity of each appointment time is prioritized. If 24 hours isn’t given or a no show occurs there is a fee for this.

When do we pay for the appointment?

All payment is due at the time of service. You are free to pay with debit, FSA and HAS cards, major credit cards, check, and cash.

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out to Brooke through our contact page or using the contact information below.


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